F4F Mobile Pantry

In 2019, Food 4 Families took the Pantry on the road! We took our 16′ box truck, loaded with food and went to many small communities around the outer edges of Preble County. Then, when the tornadoes went through Montgomery County, we again took our truck and went to Brookville and served families that were displaced.

Now, this was on a ‘small scale’, but we served families over three months in small towns that were not aware of us. At the same time, we had our pantry serving 70 to 80 families a week.

Our pantry volume dropped in late 2021, and we are good with that! We met a need, we are not looking to be the biggest pantry in Preble because…

What we see is an opportunity to shift our service from a pantry, to a mobile pantry! The other larger pantry in Preble has adopted our policies… No application process, open weekly, hours for working people, making food available to families weekly not monthly and using the State of Ohio Pantrytrak system which gives visibility to all pantries across Ohio. Since they are really serving family’s need, we can shift our focus now to those outlying areas!

But do not forget to do good and to share, for with such sacrifices God is well pleased.’

– Hebrews 13:16

Our goal has always been to MEET THE NEED. We can serve families all around our county, and help with disaster recovery no matter where they are.

We have raised $13,000 of the $19,700 to make this happen! If you can give to help us reach our goal, we will put your name on the trailer as a supporter. Give today and help us move forward to making our pantry MOBILE!

For Mobile Distributions and information about pantry, click here.