Triumphant Life Ministries was established in February 2018 and served the community through December 2022.

Food 4 Families was established in July of 2017 and began serving families boxes of food in Preble County that were struggling to put food on the table. Our first full service pantry was established in Dale’s in March of 2018. After much research, we expected to be serving around 20 to 30 families a week.. Our first week we served 22, then 44, 56, 66 and our 5th week open we served 77 FAMILIES! For the next few years we served an average of 74 families a week.

When COVID came, we not only established a process in which there was ZERO interaction between our volunteers and patrons, but we served THREE TIMES the volume for the first four months! As society settled back down to a normal after the plandemic, God dealt with us to begin our Mobile Pantry and January 2022 we shifted to being mobile and continue to add locations and families to date!

In October 2022, God “wrote on the wall of Dale’s” how He wanted us to shift our ministry and prepare for the times to come!

Spirit and Truth Ekklesia was established to take over the ministries and establish the Church. Not to BUILD a church, but to teach those around us how to BE THE CHURCH! Today, Triumphant Life Minsitries has been put in storage and Food 4 Families now operates under Spirit and Truth Ekklesia.

Come join us! Check us out! And, worship our Father in Spirit and Truth!! – John 4:23-24

Our Vision…

RECEIVE people where they are with COMPASSION to help them HEAL and SEEK what is needed to RECOVER them from their situation.  Through their willingness, DELIVERING them from their situation and in TEACHING Biblical principles to change the course they were on, to live a life after Yahushua HaMashiach (Jesus Christ)!

Articles of Faith

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