by Spirit and Truth Ekklesia

Dale’s is the main ministry location for S.A.T.E. located at 130 N Barron St Eaton, OH. In just 5 years we have gone through many changes and a LOT of growth, but we are consistent with the Teen Cafe for the teens to have a safe place to hang out after school and during the summer.

Who is Dale?

Dale ran the local pool hall, Dale’s Recreation in Eaton, OH for “59 1/2 years”. Dale’s was a corner stone in Preble County. Everyone knows Dale’s. So, when Dale’s was DONATED to Triumphant Life Ministries, it just made sense to call it Dale’s Youth Cafe. In 2023, Triumphant Life Ministries was dissolved and Spirit and Truth Ekklesia took over.

This picture says a lot! While many teens ‘do not care’ about history, James would sit and talk with Dale every time he came in. We want to instill Respect, Honor and Integrity at Dale’s.

The ‘Original’ Dale’s Recreation